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Administration of Edward Cumberbach dated 31 Jan 1636

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  • Title Administration of Edward Cumberbach dated 31 Jan 1636 
    Repository National Library of Wales 
    Source ID S8576 
    Text Nov[er]int universi p[er] p[rese]ntes nos Johanna CUMBERBACH p[ar]ochiali de Harwarden in Com[itatus] Flint Vid [widow] Falcor [Foulke] SAMPSON de Uararmen in Hale Agricolam et Thoma[s] MEARES de Hawarden predict[o] teneri et fermiter obligari uno Roberto BROWNE cl[er]ico Kcor ecclie p[ar]ochialis de Hawarden et infra peculiar et except Jurisxunem enisem ordinario in Centrum libris [£100] bone et legalis monet[a] Angliæ solvendis eid[em] Roberto BROWNE aut suo rerto atturn[] executor[ibus] administratora vel assignatis suis Ad qua[m] quide[m] solucio[n]em bene et fidel[ite]r faciend[am] obligamus nos et _ _ uram per p[resen]tes tote et in solid hered[es] executor[es] et administratores ures fermiter p[er] presentes Sigillis ures sigillati dat[o] ultimo die mensis Jan[urar]ij Anno regni dni ura Caroli dei gra[tia] Anglie France et Hibine [Ireland] Regis fidei defenser etc undecimo [11th Charles 1st = 1636] [31 Jan 1636]

    [11 Charles 1st = 1625 + 11 = 1636]

    Know all by these presents, that we, Jane CUMBERBACH of the parish of Hawarden in the County of Flint widow, Foulke SAMPSON of Uararmen in Hale farmer and Thomas MEARES of Hawarden are bound and firmly obliged to Robert BROWNE parish priest of the parish and peculiar of Hawarden in hundred pounds [£100] of good and legal money of England to pay to the same Guilielmo GRIFFITHS or his heirs, executors or assigns, To well and faithfully make payment of which, we firmly bind ourselves and all of our heirs, executors and administrators by the presents, sealed with our seals the last day of January in the 11th year of the Charles 1st [31 January 1636].

    The condicon of this Obligacon is such that the above bounden Jane CUMBERBACH the relict & administratix of all and singular the goods cattells & chattels of Edward CUMBERBACH late of the p[ar]ish and peculiar of Hawarden in the county of Flint doe and will well and truely administer all and singular the goods cattells and chattels of the said deceadant and pay or cause to be paid all & singular the debts & legacies of the said deceadent, as far forth as ye said goods shall extend and as ye law will bind her in that behalfe And also do make & yeeld up a true and p[er]fect accompte of her said administracon where & soe often as the residue of the said goods cattells and debts as shall be found remaining uppon her said accompt examined and allowed by the said Ordinarie as & within the peculiar & exempt Jurisciccon of Hawarden aforesaid for time being shall dispose all such ___ as the judge of the said co[u]rt shall appoint … [etc]
    Thomas MYERES

    Inventory of goods valued at £25 4 s 4d 
    Linked to Edmond Comberbach
    Jane Sampson 

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    • Source Type: Administration