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Census 1861 St Leonard's House, Clewer, Berkshire, England RG9/761/Fo:68/P:5

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  • Title Census 1861 St Leonard's House, Clewer, Berkshire, England RG9/761/Fo:68/P:5 
    Publisher RG9/761/Fo:68/P:5 
    Repository Ancestry 
    Source ID S6258 
    Text Name;Relation;Condition;Sex;Age;Occupation;Where Born;Infirmity
    George Moffatt;Head;Mar;M;51;MP [Member of Parliament];London, England;
    Lucy Moffatt;Wife;Mar;F;35;;Clapham, Surrey, London, England;
    Alice Lucy Moffatt;Daughter;Unm;F;3;;London, England;
    Harold Charles Moffatt;Son;Unm;M;1;;Streatham, London, England;
    Ethel G Moffatt;Daughter;Unm;F;2m;;London, England;
    Mary Ann Morrison;Visitor [Mother-in-law];Wid;F;66;;London, England;
    Charles Morrison;Visitor;Unm;M;43;Landed Proprietor;Bexley, Kent, England;
    Ellen Morrison;Visitor;Unm;F;27;;London, England; 
    Linked to Alice Lucy Moffatt
    Ethel Gwendoline Moffatt
    George Moffatt
    Harold Charles Moffatt
    Charles Morrison
    Ellen Morrison
    Lucy Morrison
    Mary Ann Todd 

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    Media Date: 7 APR 1861
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    • Source Citation: Class: RG 9; Piece: 761; Folio: 68; Page: 5; GSU roll: 542697.

      They have ten servants.
      Source Type: Census