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St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados Family History Information Leaflet

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  • Title St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados Family History Information Leaflet 
    Publisher St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados by Lt Col. Stephen Cave 
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    Text 1. (T) John Cave 1736-1800
    Born in England to an old family who came over from France with William the Conqueror and subsequently settled in England. John Cave was the first member of the family to take up banking and he became a partner in the bank called Ames, Cave & Co, which was based in Bristol. Ames Cave & Co eventually joined up with other Bristol banks, becoming known as The Old Bank and subsequently, Prescott’s Bank, which had branches all aver the south of England. At the beginning of this century, Prescott’s amalgamated with the National Provincial Bank which today has become the National Westminster Bank. John Cave married Susanna Cox, daughter and heiress of Stephen Cox, and they had four sons and one daughter.

    2. (TR) Thomas Daniel 1730-1802
    Born in Barbados, he was a successful businessman and he founded, in Bridgetown, circa 1765, the merchant banking firm of Thomas Daniel and Son. The firm bought sugar from plantations and shipped it to England, where they sold it, crediting the money thus gained to the plantation concerned. After some years of doing this he noticed that the English shipping line was making more money than he was, so he went to England with his family and arrived in Bristol with the view to buying the shipping line. To do this, he needed a bank account, so he went into the nearest bank, which was called Ames, Cave & Co, and became a lifelong friend of one of the partners John Cave. Eventually John Cave’s eldest son, Stephen Cave, married Thomas’s daughter Anne Daniel and Thomas’s eldest son also called Thomas Daniel married John Cave’s daughter Susanna, Thomas Daniel Junior eventually became Lord Mayor of Bristol, and also became the owner of Sunbury and Four Square Plantations in St Philip. After some years of successful business in Bristol during which time Thomas Daniel Senior purchased the shipping line and renamed it the Thomas Daniel Line. He then discovered that he could make more money if he moved to London, which he did, and the head office of Thomas Daniel and Son was located in No. 1 Mincing Lane in the City of London. Thomas Daniel & Son continued to operate until about 1886 when, due to the lack of interest shown in the firm by subsequent generations of Daniels, it went bankrupt, and in Barbados the banking arm was taken over by The Colonial Bank (today Barclays Bank Plc) and the merchanting arm by Da Costas Ltd. Today the Daniel family still lives in England near the town of Taunton in the county of Somerset. Thomas married Eleanor Neil (1737-1774) the daughter of a West Indies Proprietor and they had two sons and two daughters.

    3. (TL) Abraham Carlton Cumberbatch 1727-1785
    He was born in Barbados, the son of Edward Carlton and Ann Cumberbatch. Under the terms of the will of his maternal grandfather, he would inherit all his grandfather’s estate if he changed his name to Cumberbatch, thereby retaining that name here in Barbados, which would otherwise have died out on his grandfather’s death. In those days you could only change your surname by an Act of the Westminster Parliament and this was duly done. Thereafter, all the male descendants, even to this day, added Carlton as their last Christian name.
    He married Elizabeth Trent, daughter of Lawrence Trent of Barbados, and they had four sons and one daughter. One of their sons, Edward Cumberbatch, was the father of Sarah, who married, in 1818, Charles Cave, fourth son of Stephen Cave and Anne Daniel.
    Abraham Cumberbatch, as he now became, was a member of the Barbados Legislative Assembly for thirty years, and indeed, at the time of his death in 1785, he was the senior member of that Assembly. Towards the end of his life, he had failing health and went to England to try and recover, but sadly he died in Bristol. He is buried in Bristol Cathedral where there is a fine memorial to him.

    4. (L) Stephen Cave 1763-1838
    He was the eldest son of John Cave and Susanna Cox and he married Anne Daniel, Daughter of Thomas Daniel and Eleanor Neil, and they had nine sons and seven daughters. Each son on reaching the age of twenty (they didn’t all reach that in those days) was sent to meet their mother’s family. Their fourth son, Charles Cave, born in 1796, was sent to Barbados in 1816. He knew the Cumberbatch family, who lived in Bristol, so whilst in Barbados he called on their Barbadian cousins at Nicholas. He promptly fell in love with the daughter of the house, Sarah, who likewise fell for him. He proposed to her and they were eventually married on May 1, 1818, at Bath Abbey.
    Stephen Cave was a director of The Old Bank and also of The Bristol Glass Company, the firm that made the old blue Bristol glass, some of which can still be found today. He owned a large house called Cleve Hill at Downend, North of Bristol, and he had a house in Picadilly in London.

    5. (R) Thomas Daniel 1762-1854
    6. The eldest son of his father, he eventually succeeded to the family firm of Thomas Daniel and Son. He also became Lord Mayor of Bristol, whilst here in Barbados, became the owner of several plantations, including Sunbury, Four Square, and Blowers (today Portvale Sugar Factory). He married Susanna Cave, daughter of John Cave and sister of Stephen Cave. They had one son and seven daughters. 
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