Cumberbatch Family History

Oldham, Lancashire, England


Notes: Set manually.

Latitude: 53.5420306, Longitude: -2.1146361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avison, James  Cal 1906Oldham, Lancashire, England I1719
2 Barnes, Eda  3 Jul 1883Oldham, Lancashire, England I1781
3 Barnes, Eliza  Cal 1855Oldham, Lancashire, England I1784
4 Broadbent, Bertha  Cal 1879Oldham, Lancashire, England I2874
5 Broadbent, Charles William  Cal 1865Oldham, Lancashire, England I2870
6 Broadbent, Edwin  Cal 1834Oldham, Lancashire, England I2868
7 Broadbent, Eliza  Cal 1872Oldham, Lancashire, England I2872
8 Broadbent, Mary H  Cal 1868Oldham, Lancashire, England I2871
9 Broadbent, Sally  Cal 1876Oldham, Lancashire, England I2873
10 Butterworth, Mary E  Cal 1880Oldham, Lancashire, England I2192
11 Cumberbeach, Alice  Between Jul 1845 and Sep 1845Oldham, Lancashire, England I3489
12 Cumberbeach, Eliza  Between Apr 1843 and Jun 1843Oldham, Lancashire, England I2869
13 Cumberbeach, Hannah  Between 1835 and 1836Oldham, Lancashire, England I3733
14 Cumberbeach, Henry  Between Apr 1862 and Jun 1862Oldham, Lancashire, England I6684
15 Cumberbeach, Jane Frost  Between Jan 1841 and Mar 1841Oldham, Lancashire, England I3488
16 Cumberbeach, Mary  Cal 1832Oldham, Lancashire, England I3125
17 Cumberbeach, William  Between Oct 1838 and Dec 1838Oldham, Lancashire, England I3734
18 Fielding, Malley  Between 1839 and 1840Oldham, Lancashire, England I2069
19 Leach, Albert  Cal 1880Oldham, Lancashire, England I2480
20 Mills, Hannah  Between 1806 and 1808Oldham, Lancashire, England I3486
21 Taylor, Arthur  Cal Sep 1900Oldham, Lancashire, England I2234
22 Taylor, Benjamin  Cal 1869Oldham, Lancashire, England I2231
23 Taylor, James  Cal 1895Oldham, Lancashire, England I2233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cumberbeach, Alfred  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Oldham, Lancashire, England I3188
2 McCourt, Mary Ann  Between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910Oldham, Lancashire, England I1963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cumberbeach, Ann  Cal 1835Oldham, Lancashire, England I3487
2 Cumberbeach, Charles  Cal 1805Oldham, Lancashire, England I2875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Avison, John James  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1718
2 Briddock, Joseph  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2053
3 Briddock, Martha  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I1484
4 Broadbent, Bertha  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2874
5 Broadbent, Charles William  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2870
6 Broadbent, Edwin  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2868
7 Broadbent, Eliza  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2872
8 Broadbent, Mary H  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2871
9 Broadbent, Sally  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2873
10 Cumberbach, Martha  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I2739
11 Cumberbatch, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I2824
12 Cumberbatch, Samuel  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I1483
13 Cumberbatch, Samuel  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I1483
14 Cumberbatch, Samuel  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1483
15 Cumberbatch, Thomas  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I3718
16 Cumberbatch, Thomas  25 Aug 1894Oldham, Lancashire, England I3718
17 Cumberbatch, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I3718
18 Cumberbeach, Alice  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I3489
19 Cumberbeach, Alice  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I3489
20 Cumberbeach, Alice  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I2862
21 Cumberbeach, Alice  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2862
22 Cumberbeach, Ann  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I3487
23 Cumberbeach, Charles  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I2875
24 Cumberbeach, Charles  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2875
25 Cumberbeach, Eliza  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I2869
26 Cumberbeach, Eliza  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2869
27 Cumberbeach, Jane Frost  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I3488
28 Cumberbeach, Janet  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I2060
29 Cumberbeach, Janet  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2060
30 Cumberbeach, Malgar De Rudestan Brigham  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I1518
31 Cumberbeach, Malgar De Rudestan Brigham  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1518
32 Cumberbeach, Mary  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1520
33 Cumberbeach, William  7 Apr 1861Oldham, Lancashire, England I3734
34 Cumberbeach, William  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I3734
35 Cumberbeach, William Sydney  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1521
36 Cumberledge, Thomas  5 Apr 1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I2579
37 Cumberledge, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2579
38 Cumberlidge, Emily  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2232
39 Cumberlidge, George Ashworth  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I2615
40 Cumberlidge, James  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2610
41 Cumberlidge, Sarah Ann  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2613
42 Cumberlidge, Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1717
43 Cumberlidge, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2614
44 Fielding, Malley  3 Apr 1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I2069
45 Flynn, Eliza  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I1964
46 Little, Martha  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I1519
47 Little, Martha  2 Apr 1911Oldham, Lancashire, England I1519
48 McCourt, Mary Ann  25 Aug 1894Oldham, Lancashire, England I1963
49 Taylor, Benjamin  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2231
50 Wade, John T  31 Mar 1901Oldham, Lancashire, England I2297


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fallows / Cumberledge  Between Jul 1910 and Sep 1910Oldham, Lancashire, England F1060
2 Flynn / McCourt  18 Jul 1874Oldham, Lancashire, England F1107