Cumberbatch Family History

Manchester, Lancashire, England


Notes: Set manually.

Latitude: 53.4927083, Longitude: -2.2462528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Alfred  Between Jul 1859 and Sep 1859Manchester, Lancashire, England I10645
2 Bell, Henrietta  Between Oct 1854 and Dec 1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I10646
3 Boardman, Daniel  Cal 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I10210
4 Collins, Ellen  Cal 1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I3702
5 Collins, Jane  Between 1824 and 1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I3071
6 Comberledge, James  Cal 1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I2937
7 Cumberbach, Martha  Cal 1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I2797
8 Cumberbatch, Theodore Theophilus  20 Dec 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I1296
9 Cumberbeach, Alice  Est Sep 1802Manchester, Lancashire, England I9478
10 Cumberbeach, Clarissa  Est Jan 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I9476
11 Cumberbeach, Eliza  18 Feb 1812Manchester, Lancashire, England I9473
12 Cumberbeach, Ellen  27 Dec 1809Manchester, Lancashire, England I9474
13 Cumberbeach, Jane  Est Apr 1804Manchester, Lancashire, England I9477
14 Cumberbeach, Joseph  Cal Jan 1808Manchester, Lancashire, England I9479
15 Cumberbeach, Malgar De Rudestan Brigham  23 Jun 1874Manchester, Lancashire, England I1518
16 Cumberbeach, Mary  Est Mar 1806Manchester, Lancashire, England I4020
17 Cumberbirch, Alfred  Between Apr 1875 and Jun 1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I2766
18 Cumberbirch, Daniel  16 Aug 1868Manchester, Lancashire, England I3075
19 Cumberbirch, Eliza  Between Oct 1849 and Dec 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I3703
20 Cumberbirch, Ellen  Between Oct 1855 and Dec 1855Manchester, Lancashire, England I6003
21 Cumberbirch, John  Between Apr 1877 and Jun 1877Manchester, Lancashire, England I2767
22 Cumberbirch, John James  Between Apr 1849 and Jun 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I6004
23 Cumberbirch, Joseph  Between Oct 1859 and Dec 1859Manchester, Lancashire, England I2711
24 Cumberbirch, Martha  Between Jul 1851 and Sep 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I1926
25 Cumberbirch, Robert  Between Apr 1866 and Jun 1866Manchester, Lancashire, England I3074
26 Cumberbirch, Thomas  Between Jul 1862 and Sep 1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I3072
27 Cumberbirch, William  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I3073
28 Cumberledge, Annetie  Between Apr 1893 and Jun 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I2148
29 Cumberlidge, Ernest  Between Oct 1905 and Dec 1905Manchester, Lancashire, England I1811
30 Cumberlidge, George Henry  6 Feb 1897Manchester, Lancashire, England I1842
31 Cumberlidge, Herbert  3 Apr 1904Manchester, Lancashire, England I1810
32 Cumberlidge, James  Cal 1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I2693
33 Cumberlidge, James  Cal 1863Manchester, Lancashire, England I2270
34 Cumberlidge, Minnie  Cal 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I1858
35 Farrall, Harriet  Cal 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I2378
36 Hector, James R  Cal 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I2625
37 Perrin, Alice  Between 1852 and 1853Manchester, Lancashire, England I2350
38 Pollard, Annie  Cal 1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I1887
39 Travis, Mary  Cal 1823Manchester, Lancashire, England I2879
40 Wood, Luke  Cal 1857Manchester, Lancashire, England I1927
41 Woodcock, Henrietta  Cal 1822Manchester, Lancashire, England I10644
42 Wootton, Ellen  Cal 1848Manchester, Lancashire, England I2765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rhoden, Mary  15 May 1810Manchester, Lancashire, England I159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Cumberbirch, James  20 Feb 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I2348


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cumberledge, Annetie  Cal 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I2148
2 Wootton, Ellen  Cal 1850Manchester, Lancashire, England I2765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Cumberbeach, Alfred  7 Apr 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I3188
2 Cumberbeach, Joseph  24 Dec 1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
3 Cumberbeach, Joseph  15 Jan 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
4 Cumberbeach, Joseph  21 Feb 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
5 Cumberbeach, Joseph  14 May 1820Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
6 Cumberbeach, Richard  7 Apr 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I10204
7 Cumberberch, John  6 Jun 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I4286
8 Cumberbirch, Charles  6 Jun 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I4272
9 Cumberbirch, Daniel  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I3075
10 Cumberbirch, Ernest  31 Mar 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I3081
11 Cumberbirch, James  21 Sep 1872Manchester, Lancashire, England I3070
12 Cumberbirch, John  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I2767
13 Cumberbirch, John James  2 Apr 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I6004
14 Cumberbirch, William  6 Jun 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I4295
15 Cumberledge, Annetie  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I2148
16 Cumberledge, Henry  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I3596
17 Cumberledge, James  31 Mar 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I2575
18 Cumberledge, James  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I2575
19 Cumberlidge, Edward  7 Apr 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I3611
20 Farrall, Harriet  31 Mar 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I2378
21 Slider, Maggie  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I1791
22 Westwell, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I2576
23 Wootton, Ellen  2 Apr 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I2765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Baylis, Elizabeth Ann  24 Sep 1945Manchester, Lancashire, England I2712
2 Cave, Margaret  17 Jun 1985Manchester, Lancashire, England I9627
3 Collins, Jane  15 Feb 1921Manchester, Lancashire, England I3071
4 Copestick, Lilly May  15 May 1958Manchester, Lancashire, England I1366
5 Cumberbatch, Enoch  10 Mar 1934Manchester, Lancashire, England I2825
6 Cumberbatch, Kenneth A  7 Jul 1953Manchester, Lancashire, England I6064
7 Cumberbatch, William  23 Jan 1963Manchester, Lancashire, England I6646
8 Cumberbirch, Annie  15 Feb 1978Manchester, Lancashire, England I1884
9 Cumberbirch, Edith Annie  18 Apr 1984Manchester, Lancashire, England I1908
10 Cumberbirch, Fred  17 Aug 1988Manchester, Lancashire, England I1922
11 Cumberbirch, Jesse  20 Jun 1938Manchester, Lancashire, England I3403
12 Cumberbirch, John Norman  10 Feb 1947Manchester, Lancashire, England I6067
13 Cumberbirch, Joseph  17 Aug 1937Manchester, Lancashire, England I2730
14 Cumberbirch, Joseph  23 Oct 1943Manchester, Lancashire, England I2711
15 Cumberbirch, Thomas Joseph  12 Apr 1988Manchester, Lancashire, England I9631
16 Cumberbirch, William Thomas  15 May 1979Manchester, Lancashire, England I2722
17 Cumberlidge, Esther  26 Jul 1963Manchester, Lancashire, England I1814
18 Cumberpatch, Arthur  22 Feb 1989Manchester, Lancashire, England I4824
19 Lowe, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1933Manchester, Lancashire, England I1512
20 Payne, Daisy Alice  30 Jun 1982Manchester, Lancashire, England I6632
21 Pinnington, Amy  29 Jan 1952Manchester, Lancashire, England I6018
22 Rastrick, Clarice Wilson  16 Oct 1981Manchester, Lancashire, England I6639
23 Reidsma, Sarah  15 Aug 1942Manchester, Lancashire, England I1906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bancroft, Thomas  10 Aug 1755Manchester, Lancashire, England I10917
2 Cumberbeach, Clarissa  21 Feb 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I9476
3 Cumberbeach, Eliza  15 Jan 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I9473
4 Cumberbeach, Ellen  15 Jan 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I9474
5 Cumberbeach, Joseph  24 Dec 1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
6 Cumberbeach, Joseph  15 Jan 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
7 Cumberbeach, Joseph  21 Feb 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
8 Cumberbeach, Joseph  14 May 1820Manchester, Lancashire, England I4018
9 Cumberberch, John  6 Jun 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I4286
10 Hampson, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I9472
11 Hampson, Elizabeth  15 Jan 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I9472
12 Hampson, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1819Manchester, Lancashire, England I9472
13 Schofield, Esther  14 May 1820Manchester, Lancashire, England I4019


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Vause / Duggan  Between Jan 1871 and Mar 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England F1065