Cumberbatch Family History

Minstead, Hampshire, England


Notes: Set manually.

Latitude: 50.8967833, Longitude: -1.6018889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blake, Sarah  Abt Nov 1777Minstead, Hampshire, England I7025
2 Brenton, John George  Abt Apr 1851Minstead, Hampshire, England I7003
3 Brenton, Mary Jane  Abt Apr 1853Minstead, Hampshire, England I7004
4 Brenton, William Harry  Abt Aug 1855Minstead, Hampshire, England I7005
5 Hiscock, Andrew  Abt Feb 1783Minstead, Hampshire, England I7040
6 Hiscock, Andrew  Abt Aug 1815Minstead, Hampshire, England I7033
7 Hiscock, Betty  Abt Mar 1769Minstead, Hampshire, England I7037
8 Hiscock, Caroline  Abt May 1818Minstead, Hampshire, England I7034
9 Hiscock, George  Abt Mar 1771Minstead, Hampshire, England I7024
10 Hiscock, Hannah  Abt May 1812Minstead, Hampshire, England I7032
11 Hiscock, John  Abt Feb 1780Minstead, Hampshire, England I7039
12 Hiscock, John  Abt Oct 1806Minstead, Hampshire, England I7030
13 Hiscock, Joseph  Abt Mar 1775Minstead, Hampshire, England I7038
14 Hiscock, Margaret Peckham  Abt Mar 1825Minstead, Hampshire, England I6998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Hiscock, Margaret Peckham  29 May 1825Minstead, Hampshire, England I6998