Cumberbatch Family History

Chester, Cheshire, England


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Latitude: 53.1913361, Longitude: -2.8907028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Alice  Est Jun 1690Chester, Cheshire, England I6393
2 Comberbach, Alice  Est Apr 1699Chester, Cheshire, England I59
3 Comberbach, Alice  18 Jul 1767Chester, Cheshire, England I89
4 Comberbach, Charlotte  3 Oct 1761Chester, Cheshire, England I95
5 Comberbach, Elizabeth  Est Apr 1687Chester, Cheshire, England I6387
6 Comberbach, Elizabeth Anne  1766Chester, Cheshire, England I87
7 Comberbach, Ellen  Est May 1697Chester, Cheshire, England I58
8 Comberbach, Frances  Est 1753Chester, Cheshire, England I81
9 Comberbach, Harriet Margaret  Est 1752Chester, Cheshire, England I80
10 Comberbach, Haughton  1769Chester, Cheshire, England I90
11 Comberbach, Helen  6 Dec 1762Chester, Cheshire, England I96
12 Comberbach, James  Est Nov 1702Chester, Cheshire, England I6394
13 Comberbach, James  Est Jun 1705Chester, Cheshire, England I56
14 Comberbach, Maria  17 Jul 1760Chester, Cheshire, England I94
15 COMBERBACH, Mary  1723Chester, Cheshire, England I75
16 Comberbach, Roger  Est May 1692Chester, Cheshire, England I6391
17 Comberbach, Roger  Est Oct 1693Chester, Cheshire, England I55
18 Comberbach, William  Est Mar 1696Chester, Cheshire, England I6392
19 Garner, Samuel  14 Sep 1850Chester, Cheshire, England I1924
20 Perryn, Benjamin  10 Oct 1731Chester, Cheshire, England I352
21 Perryn, Dorothy  10 Dec 1734Chester, Cheshire, England I354
22 Perryn, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1738Chester, Cheshire, England I6162
23 Perryn, Henry  22 Jul 1727Chester, Cheshire, England I350
24 Perryn, James  21 Jul 1724Chester, Cheshire, England I348
25 Perryn, Jane  21 Jul 1730Chester, Cheshire, England I355
26 Perryn, Jane  15 Mar 1735/36Chester, Cheshire, England I6161
27 Perryn, John  7 May 1740Chester, Cheshire, England I6163
28 Perryn, Mary  6 Sep 1728Chester, Cheshire, England I351
29 Perryn, Roger  30 May 1733Chester, Cheshire, England I353
30 Thomas, Morris  1860Chester, Cheshire, England I9055
31 Thomas, Rebecca  Cal Feb 1861Chester, Cheshire, England I9591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Jane  19 Jan 1781Chester, Cheshire, England I345
2 Adams, Richard  Between 31 Mar 1712 and 8 May 1712Chester, Cheshire, England I53
3 Comberbach, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1755Chester, Cheshire, England I378
4 Comberbach, James  Dec 1702Chester, Cheshire, England I6394
5 Comberbach, John Henshaw  Jan 1836Chester, Cheshire, England I195
6 COMBERBACH, Margaret  16 Feb 1857Chester, Cheshire, England I357
7 COMBERBACH, Mary  May 1723Chester, Cheshire, England I75
8 Comberbach, Roger  Jul 1692Chester, Cheshire, England I6391
9 Comberbach, Roger  27 Mar 1771Chester, Cheshire, England I73
10 Comberbach, William  Jun 1696Chester, Cheshire, England I6392
11 Haughton, Helen  8 Oct 1814Chester, Cheshire, England I85
12 Perryn, Alicia  5 Jan 1726/27Chester, Cheshire, England I349
13 Perryn, Benjamin  4 Jan 1754Chester, Cheshire, England I352
14 Perryn, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1738/39Chester, Cheshire, England I6162
15 Perryn, Henry  Feb 1727/28Chester, Cheshire, England I350
16 Perryn, Jane  18 Mar 1733/34Chester, Cheshire, England I355
17 Perryn, Jane  16 Nov 1736Chester, Cheshire, England I6161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Elizabeth  Cal Nov 1755Chester, Cheshire, England I378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Rebecca  1861Chester, Cheshire, England I9057


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Adams, Richard  8 May 1712Chester, Cheshire, England I53
2 Comberbach, James  10 Apr 1738Chester, Cheshire, England I44
3 Comberbach, John  1632Chester, Cheshire, England I10843
4 Comberbach, Robert  1672Chester, Cheshire, England I10850
5 Comberbach, Roger  18 Jul 1720Chester, Cheshire, England I42
6 Comberbach, Roger  10 Apr 1771Chester, Cheshire, England I73
7 Comberbach, Thomas Rhoden  13 May 1887Chester, Cheshire, England I182
8 Cork, Ellen  5 Mar 1897Chester, Cheshire, England I2437
9 Cumberbache, Richard  1624Chester, Cheshire, England I829
10 Cumberbatch, David Lyth  14 Jun 1957Chester, Cheshire, England I1975
11 Cumberbatch, Henry  30 May 1958Chester, Cheshire, England I2027
12 Cumberbatch, James  5 Aug 1889Chester, Cheshire, England I3463
13 Cumberbatch, Jesse  1 Apr 1960Chester, Cheshire, England I1335
14 Cumberbatch, Joseph  3 Sep 1964Chester, Cheshire, England I1482
15 Cumberbatch, Samuel Platt  10 Jan 1956Chester, Cheshire, England I1418
16 Cumberbatche, John  12 Feb 1626/27Chester, Cheshire, England I836
17 Cumberbirch, John  14 Feb 1861Chester, Cheshire, England I4251
18 Cumberbirch, Martha  4 Jun 1919Chester, Cheshire, England I3652
19 Cumberbirch, Walter  24 Jan 1950Chester, Cheshire, England I3414
20 Cumberbirch, William  17 Feb 1886Chester, Cheshire, England I4254
21 Hardern, Mary Bradley  21 Oct 1890Chester, Cheshire, England I3925
22 Kelly, Julia  22 May 1956Chester, Cheshire, England I9160
23 Swetenham, Edmund  30 May 1768Chester, Cheshire, England I79


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Richard  Chester, Cheshire, England I53
2 Adams, Richard  1698Chester, Cheshire, England I53
3 Adams, Richard  31 Mar 1712Chester, Cheshire, England I53
4 Archer, Anne  1781Chester, Cheshire, England I97
5 Bennet, Henry  1711Chester, Cheshire, England I67
6 Comberbach, Dorothy  1698Chester, Cheshire, England I46
7 Comberbach, Roger  Chester, Cheshire, England I108
8 Comberbach, Roger  Chester, Cheshire, England I55
9 Comberbach, Roger  17 Aug 1670Chester, Cheshire, England I108
10 Johnson, Ellinor  13 Apr 1681Chester, Cheshire, England I6388
11 Mercer, Hester  17 Aug 1670Chester, Cheshire, England I115
12 Swetenham, Roger  1781Chester, Cheshire, England I91


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Comberbach, Roger  17 Sep 1770Chester, Cheshire, England I73

Will Proved

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will Proved    Person ID 
1 COMBERBACH, Roger  1603Chester, Cheshire, England I2

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Comberbach / Johnson  13 Apr 1681Chester, Cheshire, England F1933
2 Comberbach / Street  21 Oct 1685Chester, Cheshire, England F18
3 Comberbach / Swetenham  1 Dec 1717Chester, Cheshire, England F27
4 Mills / Comberbach  17 Jul 1866Chester, Cheshire, England F138
5 Pattison / Comberbach  7 Sep 1785Chester, Cheshire, England F40


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Swetenham / Archer  11 Jun 1781Chester, Cheshire, England F33
2 Swetenham / Archer  11 Jun 1782Chester, Cheshire, England F33