Cumberbatch Family History

New Zealand


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Latitude: -42.3187611, Longitude: 172.5332556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cumberbeach, Ann Olive Jane  1898New Zealand I9998
2 Cumberbeach, David Leonard  1885New Zealand I9999
3 Cumberbeach, Elizabeth Catherine Vera  1896New Zealand I10000
4 Cumberbeach, James Henry  23 Aug 1912New Zealand I10021
5 Cumberbeach, Jessie Robina May  1894New Zealand I10007
6 Cumberbeach, John Paul Carruthers  1887New Zealand I10003
7 Cumberbeach, Mabel MacKenzie  1878New Zealand I10001
8 Cumberbeach, Maragret Louisa  1903New Zealand I10009
9 Cumberbeach, Richard Henry  1885New Zealand I10002
10 Cumberbeach, Robert Brebner  1889New Zealand I10004
11 Cumberbeach, Robert Henry  2 Dec 1913New Zealand I10019
12 Cumberbeach, Thomas Harold Clarence  1894New Zealand I10006
13 Cumberbeach, Walter Sidney  25 Oct 1900New Zealand I10008
14 Cumberbeach, William Alexander  1892New Zealand I10005
15 Cumberpatch, Albert Daniel  24 Apr 1898New Zealand I4663
16 Cumberpatch, Arthur  12 Jul 1889New Zealand I4664
17 Cumberpatch, Clarence John  28 Sep 1905New Zealand I4674
18 Cumberpatch, Edith Eileen  1904New Zealand I4675
19 Cumberpatch, Raymond Arthur  7 Jul 1914New Zealand I4683
20 Cumberpatch, Stillborn  1921New Zealand I4676
21 Cumberpatch, Stillborn  1948New Zealand I4679
22 Makin, Edna Alice  26 Jun 1915New Zealand I4678
23 Newman, Alice Elizabeth  1884New Zealand I10392
24 Newman, Ellen  1882New Zealand I10391
25 Newman, George Albert  1891New Zealand I10396
26 Newman, Henrietta Mary  1886New Zealand I10393
27 Newman, Joseph  1897New Zealand I10398
28 Newman, Mabel Georgina  1890New Zealand I10395
29 Newman, Margaret  1898New Zealand I10399
30 Newman, Olive May  1887New Zealand I10394
31 Newman, Peter  1893New Zealand I7235
32 Newman, Ruth  1895New Zealand I10397
33 Unknown, Edna Gertrude  15 Sep 1913New Zealand I4684


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Margaret Catherine  1938New Zealand I9997
2 Ayrey, Agnes Hannah  10 Aug 1952New Zealand I4665
3 Cumberbatch, Ivan Ralph  1974New Zealand I1111
4 Cumberbeach, David Leonard  1959New Zealand I9999
5 Cumberbeach, James Henry  1975New Zealand I10021
6 Cumberbeach, John Paul Carruthers  1967New Zealand I10003
7 Cumberbeach, Richard Henry  1957New Zealand I10002
8 Cumberbeach, Robert  1927New Zealand I9990
9 Cumberbeach, Robert Brebner  1918New Zealand I10004
10 Cumberbeach, Robert Henry  1992New Zealand I10019
11 Cumberbeach, Thomas Harold Clarence  1971New Zealand I10006
12 Cumberbeach, Walter Sidney  1981New Zealand I10008
13 Cumberbeach, William Alexander  1950New Zealand I10005
14 Cumberpatch, Albert Daniel  1975New Zealand I4663
15 Cumberpatch, Arthur  1975New Zealand I4664
16 Cumberpatch, Clarence John  1997New Zealand I4674
17 Cumberpatch, Daniel  8 Aug 1926New Zealand I3521
18 Cumberpatch, Edith Eileen  1904New Zealand I4675
19 Cumberpatch, Ethel Edith  1985New Zealand I4672
20 Cumberpatch, Irene Alice  13 Dec 2006New Zealand I4671
21 Cumberpatch, John  3 Apr 1935New Zealand I2906
22 Cumberpatch, Raymond Arthur  1984New Zealand I4683
23 Cumberpatch, Stillborn  1921New Zealand I4676
24 Cumberpatch, Stillborn  1948New Zealand I4679
25 Cumberpatch, William Arthur  1993New Zealand I4670
26 Duckmanton, Velma May  2010New Zealand I4680
27 Faass, Thelma Charlotte Ada  1974New Zealand I4668
28 Kemp, Edith  5 Jan 1923New Zealand I2905
29 Keogh, Mary Ann  New Zealand I7238
30 Keogh, Patrick  New Zealand I7241
31 Kerr, Catherine Hunter  1947New Zealand I10012
32 Makin, Edna Alice  2000New Zealand I4678
33 McKenzie, Marion  1934New Zealand I9996
34 Moran, Ellen  New Zealand I7242
35 Newman, George  New Zealand I7237
36 Reay, Elizabeth Hoffman  1973New Zealand I4667
37 Salt, Robert Douglas  10 Feb 1979New Zealand I4673
38 Steedman, Jane Cecilia  1982New Zealand I10011
39 Unknown, Edna Gertrude  13 Jan 2012New Zealand I4684


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Cumberpatch, Daniel  12 Jun 1883New Zealand I3521
2 Cumberpatch, John  12 Jun 1883New Zealand I2906
3 Cumberpatch, William  12 Jun 1883New Zealand I4662
4 Kemp, Edith  12 Jun 1883New Zealand I2905


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnett / Brebner  1857New Zealand F3066
2 Cumberbatch / Blood  1925New Zealand F1242
3 Cumberbeach / Butler  1916New Zealand F3074
4 Cumberbeach / Kerr  1914New Zealand F3073
5 Cumberbeach / McKenzie  1876New Zealand F3069
6 Cumberbeach / Steedman  1913New Zealand F3072
7 Cumberpatch / Ayrey  1903New Zealand F1238
8 Cumberpatch / Faass  1921New Zealand F1241
9 Cumberpatch / Reay  1911New Zealand F1240
10 Fulbrook / Butler  1920New Zealand F3077
11 Guthrie / Cumberbeach  1919New Zealand F3075
12 Kemp / Cumberbeach  1924New Zealand F3078
13 McGinn / Cumberbeach  1869New Zealand F3067
14 Mckewan / Cumberbeach  1907New Zealand F3071
15 Newman / Keogh  1881New Zealand F2346
16 Robson / Cumberbeach  1924New Zealand F3079
17 Smith / Cumberbeach  1881New Zealand F3166
18 Wilson / Cumberbeach  1874New Zealand F3068